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They call me Nencio, in the film business. I first looked at the world while walking on the hills of Florence, where I was born. I soon started travelling with my family to Venice and New York City before I landed in Milan where I'm based nowadays.

In the early 80s, I attended a workshop on Photojournalism held by Leonard Freed from Magnum Photos. I graduated I from the Intensive Filmmaking Program at New York University in 1989. And from then on, I never stopped observing life without some sort of camera.

I started working as a Location Scout at Politecne Cinematografica where I met Massimo Magrì and became his Assistant Director for the following decade. My other experiences as a freelance 1st A.D. include surviving Tony Kaye and a number of international directors who were hired to shoot in Italy at the time.
v After attending Judith Weston's class on "Directing Actors" at the Binger Film Institute in Amsterdam, I started my own career as a Director in 1996. Three years later I was awarded a Bronze Lion at Cannes Advertising Film Festival for a Swatch commercial. In 2001, I cofounded AIR3, the Italian Association of Advertising and Music Video Directors.

"I Non Luoghi", my black and white book on NonPlaces, started my parallel career as a Photographer in 2005 and won the First Absolute Prize at Orvieto Foto Festival.

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